Affirmative Litigation &
Consumer Protection

With the Board of Supervisor’s support, County Counsel protects County residents and consumers by bringing litigation to enforce consumer protection laws in a variety of areas, including unfair business practices, false advertising, public health and the environment, and violations of the County Code. By bringing high-impact lawsuits to enforce the County Code and State statutes, County Counsel seeks to protect County residents from unlawful, deceptive, and unfair business practices and improve their quality of life.  County Counsel also files lawsuits to protect the County’s interests, including when the County has been harmed financially. We handled over 75 lawsuits, successfully sued to stop numerous violations of the County Code and State law, won dozens of court injunctions stopping illegal and unfair business practices, sent over 50 cease and desist letters that often stopped illegal activities without having to file a lawsuit, and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in abatement funds, civil penalties, fines, and restitution.