County Sues Over Cause of Dominguez Channel Public Nuisance Odors

County Counsel filed a complaint against the owner of a warehouse facility and its corporate parent alleging that their wrongful conduct caused a massive warehouse fire, which created a public nuisance odor incident and exposed the County and the County Flood Control District to tens of millions of dollars in damages.  The complaint alleges that the County’s damages consisted of response costs, resident relocation benefits, and abatement measures.  The lawsuit seeks to:  (1) recover the County’s costs incurred in responding to and remediating the public nuisance; and (2) obtain injunctive relief and civil penalties for the public nuisance, the unlawful business practices, and the violations of hazardous waste and other laws. 

*This lawsuit is in active litigation, and the defendants deny the allegations of the County’s complaint

Photos from County Fire Department of storage of hand sanitizer at warehouse before the fire and during the fire